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Innovative Coating Solutions


We are developing customized coating solutions for eco-friendly technologies and manufacturing processes. Our target is the industrialization of a new generation of plasma sources to realize new coating materials and to achieve excellent coating performance in resource-conserving processes.


Coating solutions are a crucial design element in modern engineering and manufacturing. We help you to navigate the coating market, whether you are looking for the optimal coating solution for your application, looking to develop a new coating for your equipment or just want to optimize your existing solution.


We believe that innovative coating solutions are a key technology to reach environmental goals and by extending the lifetime of components to conserve resources. Get to know the founders of Plasmateria GmbH and learn about their background in coating solutions, research, industrial R&D and product development.


Plasmateria GmbH is an Austrian Startup focusing on the development of novel plasma sources and coating technologies. Plasmateria's surface solutions target the requirements of future markets like E-mobility, fuel cells, microelectronics, hard-chrome replacement and machining of difficult-to-cut materials. Their approach to develop next-generation coating solutions is to design novel plasma sources that are highly specialized for the targeted market in order to achieve a better coating performance at lower operation costs than conventional plasma sources.

The technology Plasmateria utilizes is based on Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) but at the same time can combine elements of other thin film deposition methods. In the end, it is about creating the ultimate surface solution for an application and not to follow the established methods. Internal projects are carried out on a lab-scale system that has been highly modified to suit the development needs. For the future, Plasmateria strives to bring their developed solutions to industrial coating equipment.


Lemböckgasse 49/1/B/EG, A-1230, Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 660 2123551,

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