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Pitch us a challenge

We have passion for coating and surface solution challenges and enjoy solving them. Do you have challenges with a coating development, an existing process, coating equipment, an application, material requirements or any other surface/coating-relevant topic? Send us a mail and we will support you to find an efficient solution!

Avionics Engineering
Coating and Coating-Equipment Selection

Many applications can benefit from coating solutions. However, finding the most suitable coating solution is not always simple. We help you to navigate the complex coating market, deciding on make-or-buy decisions, choosing the right provider and setting up the optimal testing strategy to identify the optimal coating solution. 

Coating-, Material- and Product Development

You own or manufacture coating equipment? Commercial coating solutions usually aim to perform well in a wide spectrum of applications while sacrificing peak performance in single applications. We help you to optimize existing coatings or develop your own unique coating recipe for maximal coating performance on your equipment.

Coating-Technology Development

The development of coating technology and hardware is the beating heart of our company. While we follow our own independent development projects, we are also open to collaborate on our projects or support customers in their own coating technology development. After all, the hardware is what defines the process-limits and further on the performance-level of your coatings.

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You own coating equipment and want your machine operators to learn more about the technology they are using? You are developing your own coating solutions and want your team to get additional input on application-tests, trouble-shooting, coating development strategies or what process parameters influence coating properties? We will tailor a training program to your individual needs. 

Business Development

The projections for cutting-tool coatings are declining as E-mobility is emerging. We help you to expand your customer footprint with your existing coating equipment by tapping into new markets and strengthening your business by diversifying your coating portfolio to future markets. 

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Analytics and Application-Testing

Flying blind is never an option in coating selection or coating development. To assure that the right decisions are being made in a project it is essential to base them on reliable data. However, the data is only as reliable as the analytical process or the application-testing strategy. We help you to find the right analytical strategy, analytics providers or application testing parameters for your project.

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