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After working on several projects together, Martin and Bernhard decided to take their passion for surface solutions to the next level. Together they founded the Startup Plasmateria with the goal to solve surface solution challenges which currently restrain the breakthrough of essential future technologies.  They are particularly interested in E-Mobility, green processes and resource-conserving manufacturing techniques. With their coating- and technology developments they aim to have a positive impact on industry for a more sustainable future.

Dr. Bernhard Kohlhauser
Founder and CEO
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Bernhard started his education in industrial chemistry but soon specialized on inorganic high performance materials with a focus on PVD coatings. He has a strong background in developing coatings for Aerospace applications and is fascinated by pushing materials to their limits. Bernhard enjoys researching new coating material systems and developing them towards industrial solutions. In his spare time you will mostly find him hiking and skiing in the Alps, travelling other continents or sailing along remote coastlines. 

Dr. Martin Jaroš
Founder and CTO
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With his roots in mechanical engineering Martin soon developed in the direction of Plasma Physics. He is an expert when it comes to tuning plasma properties in order to influence the coating deposition process and coating properties. Martin is fascinated by the big impacts minor adjustments can have on a coating process and always aspires to get even more performance out of a coating variant. On weekends Martin enjoys spending time in the city, a good game of chess and will always have some scientific paper that caught his attention in his backpack. 

Oerlikon Balzers, Liechtenstein

Project Manager R&D, Product Development

Argonne National Laboratory

Research Fellow, Low Friction Coatings

AC2T Research GmbH

Junior Scientist, Tribology, PVD Coatings

Technische Universität Wien

Project Assistant, PVD, Materials Science

Ph.D. in Engineering Science and Mechanical Engineering

"Phase transformation-derived protective effects of PVD coatings"

MSc. in Technical Chemistry, High Performance Materials

"Alumina based oxidation-protection coatings for turbine technology"

BSc. in Technical Chemistry

Oerlikon Balzers, Liechtenstein

Project Manager R&D, Product Development

University of West Bohemia

Lecturer, PVD Technology

Ph.D. in Plasma Physics and Physics of Thin Films

"Flexible hard coatings prepared by magnetron sputtering"

MSc. in Applied Physics and Physical Engineering

"Reactive magnetron deposition of Ti-Ni-N films and examination of their properties"

BSc. in Applied and Engineering Physics

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